Sophie's Gallery


Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open Oct 4-Oct  31. 


Repurpose - features a collection of art made from recycled items including cabinet doors, cabinet door samples, interior doors, casement windows, Sunday school primary chairs and bowling pins. Over the years donated items have been recycled into various art projects with many featured in popular shows. Imagine the curiosity and disbelief when the manger of a local bowling alley was asked if we could have 50 old bowling pins! Such gifts are a constant source of ideas, inspiration, and creativity at Sophie’s Gallery. While our artists are making one-of-kind pieces they are also making a positive impact on the natural environment. 

Sophie’s Gallery is the off-campus art program of St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities in El Cajon, CA.


A reception will be held on Saturday, Oct 14 @ 5pm.  All are welcome!