Off the Pedestal

Image by Vita Sorrentino, “Madame B"  

Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open Feb 27-Mar 30, 2019 


Off the Pedestal

Seven award winning women artists organized a cohesive art show themed around the large figurative artwork “Daphne” from Greek mythology. This artwork represents both nature and a woman’s path in life: March’s show encompasses powerful imagery of the natural world and a woman’s place in it. Although the theme of Daphne is ancient (she is a goddess who asks to be turned into a tree, rather than live in human form without autonomy), it’s especially relevant today, as addressed in these artworks. Daphne’s symbol of strength, the personified tree, is perpetual as is our society’s ability to learn, adapt, and grow. The artists use various media from assemblage, acrylic, collage and mixed. See more at

Doris Bertch
JoLind Eckstein
Carol Mansfield
Vita Sorrentino
Janet Perkin
Kathryn Peterson
Ann Westbrook

 March 14th, 6:30pm-8:30pm