Art to Brighten Your Life, Therese Verner, Artist

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Exhibit Dates

Exhibit will be open January 4-February 2 

 A reception will be held on Sunday, January 19 from 2pm-5pm 
All are welcome!


Many years ago, Therese Verner started her artistic career creating and designing custom stained glass windows. Her creations were sold and installed in dozens of homes throughout the Los Angeles area. After a long and distinguished software career, she returned to artistic endeavors.

A self-taught artist, Therese specializes in creating paintings and mixed-media works. Her exhibition at the Poway Performing Arts Center, “Art to Brighten Your Life” features artwork that celebrates all aspects of her life. In 2018, she created an oil painting “Healing”, inspired by her daughter undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Recently, Therese was also diagnosed with breast cancer, and is Healing. Therese’s celebration of life is evident in her artwork: expressive love for nature, animals, and explosive use of color.

Even though she is legally blind, Therese has enough sight to create works of art to brighten others’ lives.

Therese was awarded a 2018 Arts and Accessibility Grant by the National Arts and Disability Center.

Contact Therese, to share your ideas about her work, purchase original paintings, custom work, or prints. Therese’s website is: