Do you have any curator tips?

The best exhibitions are often those that have an organizing idea and clear point of view. Solo exhibitions or those presenting two or three artists, simplify the Curator’s task because artworks created by the same artist are likely to suggest connections between the works. Large group exhibitions that include scores of artists represent a Curator’s most substantial challenge. Here are some tips to assist you in showcasing your selected art works to their best advantage:

  • If you will be hanging art works by multiple artists in many different styles, sizes and media, try to identify over-arching themes and hang the works accordingly. To clarify your curatorial perspective, consider inventing subtitles for various sections of your exhibition that help communicate the different themes.
  • If no over-arching themes are evident, you can group art works by subject matter, size, and art technique.
  • If your show includes prizes, you may want to display the winners together.

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1. Do you have any curator tips?
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